Futureloo #17

"Oh God… I think they used the wrong stencil… I wanted a phoenix…"

Is this blog back?

Yes, definitely!

Updates are taking a while due to personal reasons, and I hope to increase update frequency as time goes by. Thanks for sticking around, and that goes to everybody!

Futureloo #16

"Don’t tell Twilight…"

Futureloo #15

"No, I’m not dying it."

((Good to be back, guys! I hope you enjoy the slight redesign! ^u^))

Futureloo #14

((I experimented with some new things this time around. I’m not completely happy with the way it turned out, but mistakes make for improvement, so it’s all good!))

Futureloo #13

"…So that I can make everything right."


((MOD: I feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things. Not much improvement in my pony art, but then… I’ve been focusing mostly on humans during my hiatus. Let’s see if we can get that balanced out! XD))

((Also, reblogs would definitely be awesome to let more people know that I’m back in business! I really appreciate it! =D))

Futureloo #12

((WOW. I did EVERYTHING differently here, which took forever. But, I love the way it turned out, so I’ll start using this method more often when I have time to.))

Futureloo #11

All of the stuff.((Good to be back!))regards to http://goldscootaloo.tumblr.com/ for the dialogue!

All of the stuff.

((Good to be back!))

regards to http://goldscootaloo.tumblr.com/ for the dialogue!

Futureloo #8


I’m… Not ready to see Dash yet.

I’m glad Fluttershy is okay though…

((An hour late! Sorry about that guys!))

It’ll probably give me some time to answer questions as well. I just need keep an eye on Fluttershy, in case she gets it in her head that she’s a “yellow fish” too…

((This took too much time, and the boost in quality isn’t very big. I’ll be messing around with my style for the next few updates until I find something that both looks good and is time-efficient.))

I’m sure she’ll be fine.